Comments from our clients...

"Thank you again for everything. You made an awesome difference in my world, the repercussions of which are currently being played out; big changes are happening! --M.S., Producer, San Anselmo, CA

"I am a western-trained practicing (and skeptical) physician who was suffering severe neck, arm and upper back pain as a result of 3 neck operations in 18 months. This culminated in a 4-level vertebral fusion. After 2 sessions with MaryAnn and Steve, I had immediate improvement in many of my symptoms. It was a profound experience in other ways as well, and I would recommend their treatment for virtually anyone who would be open to complimentary adjunctive therapy. IT WORKS!" -- D. K., MD, Novato, CA

"Just wanted to let you know that nearly 100% of my aches and pains were gone by the next morning after my phone session, and I continue to be pain-free today. Thanks! --R.O., VP of Sales, Los Angeles, CA

[Seven-month old] "J's skin is doing incredibly well. We saw you on Friday and his skin started to glow on Monday. It's Thursday now and I'm still in shock. I'm just taking it day by day, but I am so grateful. Thank you so much!" --P.T., Mom, Los Angeles, CA

"Just wanted you to know that since my balancing I haven't had a single nightmare wherein I was being chased or had to hide from someone! I really feel like that energy has left me and I am infinitely happier. Thank you!" --A.S., Office Manager, San Rafael, CA

"Thank you very much for a truly amazing session. It was exactly what I needed and I have felt my vitality building ever since!"      --S.B., San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for everything you did for my body, mind and spirit. I had to remember and be reminded of who I am." --L.D., R.N., Santa Rosa, CA

"A few days after our session my son (from whom I have been estranged) texted me asking if he could stop by today. We spent the last three hours talking and crying and hugging and reconnecting for the first time in almost 10 years. I am speechless. I don’t know how to thank you enough for helping this shift to take place. I thought it would be years before this day would come. Thank you again – I really can’t express how much this means to me.
--B.P., CEO, San Francisco

"I am doing great since meeting with you and Steve. I didn't have very many expectations, and I found the whole experience to be very transformative and mind-opening. The way you and Steve work together was also fun to witness, like two complimentary halves perfectly in sync. I really could feel, on some level, all of the work that you both were doing."
--M. R., Freelance writer, San Rafael, CA

"Steve and MaryAnn offer a comfortable, non-invasive method of self-awareness that utilizes a direct approach to reveal your actual life 'road blocks' with nurturing precision." --Richard Robertshaw, D.C., San Francisco, CA

"I received a considerable shift after our phone session. The following day was very powerful, peaceful and serene. I was much more connected to my truer self. I'm so grateful to you for your special gifts and this work." --T.M., Job Trainer, Sebastopol, CA

"When I first saw Steve & MaryAnn I didn't know what to expect. Apart from some basic yoga and meditation experience I don't know much about the body's energies. My first session profoundly affected me. They picked up on issues I had blocked out for years-- events that I never would have remembered, let alone brought up, in a traditional therapy session. By bringing them to my attention and allowing me to let them go, Steve & MaryAnn have helped me become a stronger, happier, more fulfilled person.

Since my first session I have seen a remarkable change in my personal relationships and career choices. I take full credit for making these positive changes in my life, but I truly believe I never would have had the strength and clarity to make these changes without their guidance.

I have told friends about these positive changes that have come from working with Steve and MaryAnn, and many of them have gone themselves, some traveling from the East Coast. When they ask me what to expect or how to prepare, I only tell them to make a list of the problems they wish to solve and life-patterns they hope to break, and to go in with an open mind. Every one of them has had a positive experience." -- J.R.C., Freelance Producer, New York, NY